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Zodiac Crystals
Zodiac Crystals
General Information
Official name: Zodiac Crystals
First Appearance: Aquaman #1
(February, 1986)
Type: Ancient Magical Relics
Used by: Aquaman
Eochaid Bres
Nuada Silverhand
Ocean Master


Over 145,000 years ago, the ancient Atlantean mages known as Calculha and Majistra tapped into the primordial magic energy of the Earth. In order to more effectively wield such raw power, they created twelve crystal statuettes patterned after the signs of the Zodiac. Through these crystals, they were able to channel and amplify the Earth's mystical energy and use it to bring Atlantis into a bold new age of enlightenment.

Over the span of centuries, the two arch mages eventually turned against one another. Majistra embraced the black arts and coveted all twelve crystals so as to assume ultimate power. Calculha however, dedicated himself to the practice of pure, white magic and fought valiantly to keep the stones out of Majistra's possesson. Their epic struggle passed down upon their children, Arion and Garn Daanuth, both of whom fought to either maintain or destroy the balance of power.

Some time during the first great Ice Age, Arion's forces collected the twelve crystals and buried them within secret locations all across the continent. A series of geological catastrophes created what is known as the Great Cataclysm – an event that ultimately caused Atlantis to sink beneath the waves. Millions of Atlanteans died and with them, the known whereabouts of the Zodiac Crystals.

Over the course of millennia, those few, hapless surviving Atlanteans adapted to their undersea existence and evolved into a new breed of aquatic human. However, as their society developed, these Atlanteans embraced science over sorcery, and interest in the Zodiac Crystals greatly waned.

In recent years, several of the crystals have begun to resurface. The Atlantean king, Vulko, used one of the crystals as part of the Royal Atlantean Seal during his tenure as monarch of Poseidonis. Another crystal was forged into an artifact known as the Lia Fail, and remained with the monarchy of the Tuatha De Danann in the lost city of Thierna Na Oge.

A villain known as the Ocean Master learned of the Zodiac Crystals' heritage and embarked upon an ambitious scheme to locate all twelve items. With each new crystal under his command, Ocean Master's control over the magical energies of the Earth increased exponentially. He was unable to acquire all twelve however, as his stepbrother, Aquaman fought with him, much the same way that Arion struggled against his own brother centuries before. Aquaman and Ocean Master's epic battle nearly destroyed Ocean Master, but Aquaman succeeded in robbing him of the Zodiac Crystals' influence. Ocean Master's Zodiac crystals were returned to their rightful resting place, while the other stones remained lost at sea.


  • Each Zodiac Crystal is capable of harnessing and redistributing the natural mystical energy of the Earth itself. When used in conjunction with one another, they could greatly amplify the ambient energy, bestowing ultimate power upon whosoever took charge of them.

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