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This article contains information from the Prime Earth continuity, which is currently the primary official continuity of DC Comics.

Xebellians[1] are a sub-group of Atlanteans hailing from the underwater realm and former penal colony of Atlantis, Xebel. They're considered enemies and rivals to Atlanteans.



An ancient group of people, they're similar to Atlanteans in which they're govern by bloodline, heritage, and complex traditions although they have a far more strict martial code and are more prone to patriarchal structures of power due to favoring masculine strength.[2] Despite their stricter way of life, arts is among Xebellian culture; one famous figure in Xebel history is Lokua, known for writing famous plays, poems, and books although he lead a controversial life involving his daughter.[3]

Biologically, their physiology differs from ordinary Atlanteans; they often exhibit having big appetites and grow at twice the accelerated rate compared to humans.[4]

List of Xebellians[]

Non-full Xebellians
  • Jackson Hyde (half-Xebellian)
  • Carcharodor (third generation descent)
  • Xebel Elites
  • Xebellian Royal Family
  • Xebellian Army
  • Lokua's family


  • Xebellians have a particular accent compared to Atlanteans.[5]

In other media[]


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