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The Xebel Death Squad is a group of highly trained xebellian soldiers.[1]


Earlier history[]

Years before Mera met Aquaman, she was once chosen as the leader of the Death Squad, having been trained to be a weapon and assassin suited for killing the future king of Atlantis. However, when she confronted Aquaman, she abandoned her mission and instead stayed alongside him as both his ally and later husband. In her place, Hila was chosen to lead the Death Squad.[1]

Brightest Day[]


Xebel Death Squad in Brightest Day 9

Soldiers of the Death Squad.

A skilled group of warriors led by a chosen member of the Xebellian Royal Family, the group consists of warriors who possess aquakinesis and utilize their hydro-kinetic powers to change the shape of water into weapons of their choices.[1]

Soldiers in this group typically wear specialize suits, covering their face while presumably giving them a consistent supply of water to manipulate at will. Members of this group are also skilled fighters, able to battle both Black Manta and Aquaman.[2][3]

List of members[]

Former members[]

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