The Kingdom of Xebel (simply Xebel) is a penal colony made up of Atlantean exiles surrounded by a magical barrier in the Bermuda Triangle.

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Like Atlanis, Xebel are ancient cultures governed by bloodline, heritage, and complex traditions. However, comparatively, Xebel has a far more strict martial code within their culture; children (including royalty) are trained at the age of ten, arranged marriages are frequent within royalty, and royal princesses are expected to master the arts of diplomacy. Grievances and affairs of state are settled by ritual combat.[1] Xebel also values masculine strength.[2] Their prime deity of worship is Neptune.[3]

Xebel is ruled by a monarch; In terms of succession, those whom are in the line of succession includes members of the royal family, whose princesses are paired up with Xebel military members and warlords. Challenges towards the throne can be made by others such as clan-chiefs.[4]

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