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The Widowhood is a special religious typically composed of women that is considered the most sacred order in Atlantis.[1]



Considered the most sacred order of Atlantis, the Widowhood's main responsibility is to safeguard the wellbeing of Atlantis. As such, they are staunch supporters of the wisdom and traditions of Atlantis and have a myriad of responsibilities: ascertain the worthiness of one wishing to marrying a monarch, officiates weddings[1], administer it's spiritual health[2], and traditionally oversees hospitals.[3] Widows of the Widowhood also have special privileges, including monitoring intelligence reports[2] and employs fixers such as Odine to act in their interests.[4]

List of members[]

  • Cetea - Reverend Mother of the Widowhood
  • Ondine - Widowhood's Fixer
  • Elasmar - Widow Sister
  • Balene - Widow Sister
  • Neerid - Widow Seer-Sister


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