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Vulko YJ
General Information
Real name: Nuidis Vulko
Portrayed by: Jeff Bennett
Appearances: Young Justice

Vulko is the head of the Atlantean Science Center and chief scientific adviser of Atlantis.


Young Justice[]

In "Downtime", Vulko was head of research into a mysterious starfish-like creature that had been frozen in ice for several millennia. He found it slightly disturbing that the creature still remained alive despite its condition, and that they had detected brainwaves from it. He reported their findings to Prince Orm, and noted that he considered the study of the creature the be the Science Centre's highest priority. As a result, the Centre was placed under high security, with only authorized personnel able to enter.

Later that day, Black Manta and his forces attacked Atlantis, aiming to steal the creature from the Science Centre. During the attack, Black Manta was stopped from taking the creature by Aqualad and Garth, and attempted to destroy it in retaliation. A single piece survived, which had already started to regenerate. Due to the damage sustained in the attack however, Atlantis no longer had the means to safely secure and study the creature, and so it was suggested that the single remaining piece be turned over to allies on the surface, ending Vulko's studies.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Underwater Breathing


Young Justice[]

  • "Downtime"

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