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Vulko - New 52-1
General Information
Real name: Nuidis Vulko
First Appearance: Aquaman #35 (September, 1967)
Created by: Bob Haney
Nick Cardy
Affiliations: Aquaman
Sea Devils
Abilities: Atlantean Biological Adaptation
Enhanced Intellect
Expert Engineer
Portrayed by: William Dafoe



Vulko is the chief scientific adviser of Atlantis and is probably its most notorious political and academic figure (he has been involved in most of the political changes and revolution the city has gone through since he first appeared). . He knew Aquaman's mother and was an advisor to King Trevis. He was present at Aquaman's birth, and argued against leaving Aquaman to die, claiming the curse of Kordax was a silly superstition.

Chronologically, he later befriends Aquaman when both were held in an Atlantean prison. After Aquaman frees himself and gains his throne, he makes Vulko his regent.

In his first comic book appearance, he assists Aquaman and the Atom in repelling microscopic invaders from a 'single drop of water'. They are led by 'Galg The Destroyer'.Soon after he supervises the transition of Atlantis citizens from water to air breathers; this is needed to escape an enemy attack. For a time, he is the King of Atlantis. He is present when Aquagirl is confirmed dead. Vulko is the one to affix a harpoon to Aquaman's missing hand; it had been eaten by piranhas.

Vulko became disenchanted with Aquaman's rule; he is one of many to leave for another underground city, led by one of Aquaman's sons Koryak. There, these citizens are brainwashed and forced to fight in a war against yet another city.

Obsidian Age[]

As with all Atlanteans, he is sucked back in time. This leads to the events of the 'Obsidian Age'. Atlantis had been stranded thousands of years in the past. The recovery of it the continent to its proper location and time involves sinking it yet again. It took the Justice League only a few months to rescue the missing underwater dwellers but for them it was fifteen years in slavery to their masters, led by the evil Gamemnae For said sinking, Aquaman is put on trial. Vulko is one of many who sentence him to die on 'Traitor's Rock'. Despite losing his empathy with sea life, Aquaman survives this.

Vulko discovers a cabal of Atlantean magic users, empowered by the 'Obsidian Age' incident have turned traitor and are mistreating innocent prisoners. Vulko resolves to help fight against them.


During the Infinite Crisis, Spectre was convinced by Eclipso to destroy all magic on the planet. This attack destroys Atlantis and kills most of its citizens. Vulko's body is later found, along with the body of Koryak.

New Form[]

He reappears in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis as a ghost in the Windward Home helping as a scientific adviser.


Vulko once attempted to persuade Aquaman to return to rule Atlantis because even though they rejected him, Vulko claims that as a former adviser to the throne he knows that they need their king to lead them.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Atlantean Biological Adaptation

As a Ghost[]

  • Flight
  • Invisbility
  • Intangibility
  • Possession


  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Medical Science
  • Political Science
  • Pedagogy
  • Robotic Engineering

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  • Vulko is an atheist.