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Vostok-X 1
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Aquaman #8 (April, 2012)
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ivan Reis
Affiliations: The Others
Abilities: Flight

Genetically designed to be the perfect Russian cosmonaut, Vostok-X is a former member of The Others.


In Siberia, Arthur Curry was so set on catching Black Manta that he had no intention of saving the villagers. Vostok-X was unsure about leaving them to die because, like him, they were Russian. The Others, despite Aquaman's wishes, returned to the village and saved it.


  • Jetpack: Vostok-X is equipped with a jet pack which allows him to fly.
  • Atlantean Helmet: With it he can survive without oxygen, food or sleep.

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