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Venusian Sea Serpent
Raiders 04
General Information
Real name: Venusian Sea Serpent
Alias(es): Venusian Sea Dragon
First Appearance: "Sea Raiders"
Created by: Oscar Bensol
Affiliations: De-Hydrobots
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: None

The Venusian Sea Serpent was one of many ocean creatures that the De-Hydrobots stole and dehydrated. It was captured on Venus when the De-Hydrobots were headed to Earth. It was released into Earth's oceans to attack Aquaman and Aqualad. The De-Hydrobots noted that it became larger in Earth's waters than it had been on its native world. It also became more aggressive.

With the help of some faithful denizens of the deep, the Aquaduo were able to defeat it and the De-Hydrobots took it with them when they left. Presumably, it was again dehydrated.