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This article refers to the character, for the episode see Vassa, Queen of the Mermen
Vassa queen
General Information
Real name: Vassa
First Appearance: "Vassa, Queen of the Mermen"
Created by: Oscar Bensol
Affiliations: Mermen
Abilities: None
Portrayed by: Diane Maddox

Vassa is queen of the Mermen.


Vassa once launched an attack against Atlantis with giant mechanical whale ships. Her goal was to supplant Aquaman as supreme ruler of the seas but she and her warriors were defeated by Aquaman.

Sometime later, Vassa found herself in a temporary alliance with Black Manta and The Brain. Calling themselves the Trio of Terror, they launched a three-pronged attack against Aquaman and Atlantis. When they were defeated the alliance dissolved and the trio turned against each other ("Trio of Terror").