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General Information
Real name: Uvian
Relative(s): Arion (alleged father)
unnamed brothers (deceased)
First Appearance: Secret Six #8 (2015)
Affiliations: Formerly Children of Arion
Occupation(s): Former Cult member
Abilities: Atlanean Sorcery, Occultism, Transformation

Uvian was a former member of the cult known as the Children of Arion. As the name of the cult implies, she is allegedly the daughter of Arion. Like members of the cult, she worships the Dark Giants her father worked to seal thousands of years ago.[1]


Early History[]

A child of Arion, she came to worship the Dark Giants and awaited a thousand years for the moment to usher in the release of the Dark Giants.[1]

Secret Six[]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Immortality: Despite being alive for over a thousand of years, she shows no obvious signs of aging. Despite this, she can be killed.[1]
  • Sorcery: Being a "true Atlantean", she is capable of sorcery. She is skilled enough to teleport the Secret Six team into the deep ocean and surround them in a dome to protect them from the pressure of the ocean.[1] Her magic seems to stem from invoking the power of the Dark Giants.[2]
  • Transformation: When in usage of magic from the invoking of the Dark Giants, she takes a more grotesque appearance.[2]


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