Continuity and canon are extremely important to a wiki site. Was Aquaman the son of Arthur Curry or Tom Curry or Atlan? Was his mother a princess of Atlantis or just some Atlantean girl? Did he get his powers from his ancestors or was he a mutant? Was he a descendant of King Orin on his mother's side? This would seem to be the case if his mother was the queen and how many generations between the first King Orin and this new one? Also, if his mother was a descendant of King Orin how many generations between her and her great uncle Atlan are there? Did she know he was family or did she just think he was some random guy who used to be king? 

Some of the pages here dont mesh and they should. The article on Tom Curry says he was Arthur's father and the Aquaman article says he was the son of Atlan, which would make more sense and seems the most logical, but if no other Atlanteans have Orin's powers just maybe he is a descent of Poseidon some how. If not then he must be a mutant. Who was Atlan's parents anyway?  

There should be a character category for other Atlanteans and other characters in the story. Atlanna should be linked to Aquaman's article. Links matter.  

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