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Urcell, also known as Commander Urcell, was a xenophobic Atlantean extremist affiliate that served as a staunch follower of Corum Rath, leader of the terrorist cell known as the Deluge.[1]


According to Dan Abbnet's description of the her role during events of the Sink Altantis! crossover, Urcell was a terrorist and anti-surface part of the Deluge. Her goal was to make Atlantis great once more and crush the surface world, contributing to her helping Rath on the throne and later her attempts at undermining Mera's appointment to the throne as an insurgent by allying with the surface.[2]

An Atlantean purist, she has a hatred for Atlanteans with more ocean-based appearances, often referring to them with slurs such as "taint-blood".[3] Being an ultranationalist; she has even less love for the surface world, believing it to be the bane of Atlantis's existence. Seeing her home country as the ultimate and superior nation; she would seek to supplant and conquer it in the name of her country.


The Drowning[]

Crown of Atlantis[]



Sink Atlantis![]

Eventually, after the Rath regime failed misrably, Urcell would plot from the sidelines as Atlantis was raised from the depths to the land above.[1] But was eventually skewered and left for dead by Lord Satanis of the Suicide Squad while attempting to overthrow Mera as she'd been crowned queen.[4]


As an Atlantean, she has all the enhanced physiology needed to survive the deep pressures and temperatures of the ocean, granting her an unspecified, superhuman levels of strength, endurance, and durability. She is also able to breathe underwater and swim at unspecified speeds.[1]

Urcell also proved to have several skills including being a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, use of Atlantean firearm weaponry, and having a tactical mind.[3]


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