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General Information
Official name: Underrealm
Created by: Jeff Parker, Paul Pelletier
First Appearance: Aquaman #31 (2011)
Planet: Earth
Country: Atlantis

Underrealm is a cove in Atlantis mostly hidden from the larger city, almost functioning as a separate society.[1]


After Orm's removal as King and replacement with King Arthur, the Underrealm were angered aand became loyalist of Orm, conspiring to kill both Mera and Arthur. After a failed assassination attempt, the city is visited by Mera, Elder Koah, and Tula.[1] Conspirators that lived there were captured[2] and exiled.


  • The naming "Underrealm" comes from Atlantis's designation of them, as they've refused to officially name themselves.[1]


  • As Drift Commander, Tula revealed that she omitted recruit candidates from Underrealm due to being too "aquatic" and unsuitable for training to fight on dry land.[1]
  • Many average Atlanteans have relatives that have or had live in the Underrealm, including Tula and Elder Koah.[1]


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