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Ultamarine Corps
Ultramarines corps
General Information
Founder(s): The General
Leader(s): Warmaker One
Current Members: 4D
The General
Pulse 8
Warmaker One
Former Members: Fleur-de-Lis
Jack O' Lantern
Kid Impala
The Knight
The Squire
Tasmanian Devil
Status: Desactived
Base of Operations: Superbia, Montevideo

Ultramarine Corps is a Metahuman military force which debuted DC One Million #2, they were created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter.



The Ultramarine Corps was created as a metahuman branch of the U.S. military under the command of General Wade Eiling, under the pretext of national security. Eiling brainwashed the team into believing in the Justice League was a threat to the country. While fighting the JLA, Eiling enters the League's headquarters and transfers his mind to the body of the Shaggy Man. The Corps discover Eiling's real plan and join the Justice League to defeat him, teleporting to an asteroid. After the fight, they leave military service and become an international peacekeeping force, mounting its base in the ruins of Montevideo.

JLA Classified[]

While the Justice League was on a mission in another universe, the Corps replied to an attack by Gorilla Grodd in the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo. Superbia is abated in the sky by the army of Gorillas, part of the team is eaten by Grodd, while another part is controlled by Sheeda led by Nebula Man​​. Squire alerted Batman who assembled an unsuccessful rescue team, until the JLA returns from Qwewq.

After their recent losses, the remaining members decided to disband, when Superman suggests that they become the defenders of the pocket universe.

Final Crisis[]

In Final Crisis, the Ultramarines form a coalition with other heroes against Darkseid's forces, Superbia is shown to be one of the "Watchtowers" around the world, until an aerial strike makes it fall from the sky. The status of the group after this incident is unknown.



  • Superbia


  • Justice League of America
  • Seven Soldiers of Victory
  • Global Guardians


  • The General
  • Sheeda

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  • The Ultramarine Corps appears to be an updated, comic-book version of the Super Friends-related team, the Global Guardians.