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General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Aquaman #26 (April, 1966)
Created by: Bob Haney
Nick Cardy
Affiliations: O.G.R.E.
Abilities: hand to hand combatant
Portrayed by: None

Typhoon was an agent of O.G.R.E., the partner and lover of the Huntress.


Typhoon was forced into working for O.G.R.E. along with his lover, Huntress. They both had explosives implanted within their bodies that would be detonated if they were to fail a task. The pair were assigned the mission of assassinating Aquaman and Mera who were undercover at the El Dorado Hotel Resort. Typhoon broke into their bedroom while they slept but Mera made the water in Aquaman's helmet hard and the hero knocks Typhoon through a wall with a headbutt. Huntress' attempts are also useless and the pair flee to their leader, expecting the worst when they tell the Supreme One that they failed. Much to their surprise, the Supreme One gives them another chance.

During their second attempt, Huntress takes on the couple by herself and is once again defeated so explains to Aquaman and Mera about the explosives implanted within herself and Typhoon. Then they see the Supreme One's crab-like vessel come to the surface. Aquaman charges towards the submersible, dodging the Supreme One's attempts to repel him with machine gun fire when Typhoon drops out of the craft and confronts Aquaman but once again is easily overpowered. Aquaman boards the craft and disables the explosives that are inside Typhoon and the Huntress.

The Supreme One takes Aquaman hostage and returns to the ocean, unveiling nuclear weapons beneath the coral, opening the bids to the highest bidder. The "foreign parties" decide to take the weapons by force instead and torpedo the submersible. Aquaman, Mera, Typhoon, Huntress and the US Navy successfully stop the foreign parties from taking the weapons. When the quartet return to shore, the Supreme One declares that he will explode the entire resort but they stop him and reveal him to be the manager of the hotel. Despite their heroic efforts, Typhoon and Huntress were handed over to the authorities but Aquaman promised to fight their side in court.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Skilled unarmed combat

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