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Tula Marius is the former commander of the Drift, the elite faction of the Atlantean army, and the half sister of Ocean Master. As his sister, she was loyal to Ocean Master and secretly conspired with other loyalists to free her brother from surface custody. However, she came to accept both Aquaman and Mera, her loyalties pledge to them.[2][1]


Current continuity[]

Throne of Atlantis[]


The Crown Comes Down[]

Previous continuity[]

Main article: Tula/Post Crisis



As an Atlantean, she is able to swim at extreme speeds, has superhuman strength, superhuman durability, possess enhanced senses, and enhanced reflexes. She is also considered a adept warrior skillled with a variety of weaponry.[1][2]

Others versions[]

  • Tula appears in the comic book Scooby-Doo! Team Up issue 4.


  • Her career in Drift is described as being "relatively short".[2]


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