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Tula YJ
General Information
Real name: Tula
Portrayed by: Cree Summer
Appearances: Young Justice

Tula was an Atlantean and the object of Kaldur's affections. A former star student at the Conservatory of Sorcery, she eventually adopted the alias Aquagirl and joined the Team. Her death on a mission hit Kaldur hard.


Early life[]

Tula was the childhood friend and former crush of Kaldur'ahm. She studied along with Garth and Kaldur at the Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis. After Kaldur left to become Aqualad, Tula and Garth became involved.

Young Justice[]

In "Downtime", when Kaldur returned to Poseidonis for a dinner with the royal family, he invited Tula as his guest. She eventually told him about her relationship with Garth, and the two reconciled during an attack on the city lead by Black Manta. Protecting the Queen, and Poseidonis, Tula took part in the battle, but was wounded when taking an electric blast for Garth. She recovered.

In Young Justice #14: "Under the Surface...", at the Conservatory, Tula and Garth greeted their old friend Kaldur'ahm, who introduced Miss Martian and Superboy to them. Garth and Tula explained what had happened to Topo: he was attacked by purists, a group of Atlanteans who wished to rid Poseidonis of all "fish-heads". During their conversation, they witnessed an altercation between their classmates from the Conservatory and Ronal and his friends. After Kaldur, Garth and Tula threatened to use their magic, each group went their own way.

In Young Justice #15: "...Here There be Monsters", the abduction of Queen Mera had left the kingdom in uproar. Prince Orm led the search, sending Kaldur, Superboy and Miss Martian after a tip that the purists were held up in the trench. Garth, Tula and the other students followed them, and could provide assistance when the tip turned out to be an ambush. Ocean-Master's magics weakened Aqualad and the other "impure" Atlanteans, but Garth and Tula were unaffected. Tula proposed going after Ocean-Master with Garth, but Lori Lemaris objected, as this would only feed the purists' misconceptions about the "impure".

The group eventually tracked Ocean-Master to a nearby cave. They attacked, but Ocean-Master could beat them off with the magic he had absorbed in his trident. Garth summoned the power of the Tempest, which overpowered Ocean-Master. With his magics gone, the villain was forced to retreat.

Tula witnessed a heated argument between Ronal and King Sha'ark.

Young Justice: Invasion[]

In "Alienated", it was revealed that Tula adopted the alias "Aquagirl", and died during a mission with the Team. Her death hit Aqualad hard.

In "Depths", it was revealed that her death was used by Nightwing in a plan for Aqualad to infiltrate the Light.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Atlantean biological adaptation: As an Atlantean, Tula has the ability to breathe underwater. She is also adapted to survive on the ocean floor.
  • Hydrokinesis: Tula has the ability to manipulate water due to her teachings at the Conservatory of Sorcery.
  • Electricity generation: Tula can generate electricity and shoot it from her hands.


Young Justice[]

  • "Downtime"
  • Young Justice #5: "What's the Story?" (flashback)
  • "Failsafe" (illusion, no lines)
  • Young Justice #10: "Hot Case" (photograph)
  • Young Justice #12: "The Pendulum" (dream)
  • Young Justice #14: "Under the Surface..."
  • Young Justice #15: "...Here There be Monsters"
  • "Auld Acquaintance" (flashback, no lines)

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