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Trident Three
Trident Three (Titans 17 2016 Textless Cover)
General Information
Official name: Trident Three
Leader(s): Unknown
Current Members: Fallone, Kyella, Sebrus
Status: Arrested
Base of Operations: Unknown

The Trident Three were Atlantean zealots originating from the Silent School and were fierce devotees to Garth during his time in the guild and loyal to Corum Rath's reign in Atlantis.[1]


Expulsion from the Silent School[]

The Trident Three were former classmates of Garth who train alongside him, all three women gaining an infatuation with Garth. However, due to their abuse of forbidden crafts, they were later expelled from the Silent School.[1]

A Judas Among Us[]

Desiring to gain the appeal of Corum Rath after his ascension, the Trident Three targeted Garth and the Titans. Poising the city's supply of pizza with Stagfish venom, a potent Atlantean poison, they are discovered by Garth and later engage him and the Titans. Despite the Titans initial uncoordinated attacks due to personal issues, Garth breaks his vow of not performing magic and defeats the Trident Three. In the aftermath of their defeat, they are taken into custody by authorities.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]


Atlantean Sorcery: The Trident Three are skilled in the usage of Atlantean Sorcery known as "Forbidden Crafts" that enable them to transform into monstrous, sea creature-like beings. This also enables them durability that can shrug off lasting damage and soak attacks from Nightwing's Escrima Sticks, Arsenal's arrows, and melee attacks from both Omen and Donna Troy. They were powerful enough to prove trouble for the Titans and pushed Garth into using more of his potent might.[1]


Stagfish Venom: A powerful poison used by the Trident Three. It is undetectable to human tongue and extremely potent. Only those with an Atlanean tongue can detect the poison.[1]


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