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Trench King
Trench King
General Information
First Appearance: Aquaman #2 (October, 2011)
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ivan Reis
Affiliations: The Trench

The Trench King is the male leader of the monstrous creatures known as the Trench.


The Trench rise from far beneath the ocean floor in search of one thing, food. With their first attack, they demonstrate a complete lack of empathy, relying on only the primal instinct to feed, even eating their own slain brethren. When the King marks it's food, the others back off. After massacring a boat and local fishing community, the police call in Aquaman and Mera to help investigate. The police divers eventually find what looks to be a cocoon in the water, which contains many creatures of the Trench. While fighting off the creatures' attacks, the King marks Aquaman as food to be brought back to the ocean floor, where they originated.

Aquaman fiercely battles the King as Mera holds off the rest. The King calls for a retreat with their captured food as they dive back into the deep.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Razor sharp teeth: The Trench King's teeth were capable of puncturing Aquaman's armor and flesh.

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