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Tom Curry
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General Information
Real name: Thomas Curry
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #260
Created by: Robert Bernstein
Affiliations: Aquaman
Abilities: None
Portrayed by: Lou Diamond Phillips
Temuera Morrison

Tom Curry is Aquaman's father.


Tom Curry

Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper, and Atlanna, a water-breathing outcast from the lost, underwater city of Atlantis had a son together named Arthur. Due to his heritage, Arthur discovered as a youth that he possessed various superhuman abilities, including the powers of surviving underwater, communication with sea life, and tremendous swimming prowess, taking on the name Aquaman. It was later revealed that after Atlanna's death, Tom Curry met and married an ordinary human woman and had a son named Orm Curry, Aquaman's half-brother.

Later, however, he was introduced as Arthur Curry, Aquaman's adoptive father. He is currently deceased. In most versions he is a secluded lighthouse keeper and/or fisherman.

In some post- Crisis stories, he himself goes by the name Arthur Curry.

In the film, Orm came about as a result of Atlanna being forced to marry an Atlantean. Arthur was the only child Tom had sired. It was also shown in the movie that Tom was the son of a cartographer, who posthumously aided his grandson Aquaman when Tom passed on some of the elder Mr. Curry's works to aid Aquaman in unexplored ocean regions.

Brightest Day[]

In Brightest Day, Tom Curry has been shown to be Aquaman's biological father once more. Black Manta destroys his tombstone.

Tom Curry served in the US Navy and later chose a life of seclusion as a lonely lighthouse keeper in (as shown for the first time during Blackest Night) Amnesty Bay.

In Other Media[]

  • Tom was portrayed by Lou Diamond Phillips in the unaired pilot Mercy Reef
  • Tom plays a minor role in the direct-to-video film Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.

DC Extended Universe[]

See: Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison)

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