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Tiny Titans was a comic book series by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani. It was published by DC Comics, beginning publication in February 2008. The first issue was also released as part of the annual Free Comic Book Day promotion in May 2008. The series concluded its run with the 50th issue, released March 21, 2012 (cover date May 2012). During its history, Tiny Titans won the Eisner Award for Best Series for Kids twice, in 2009 and 2011. In 2014–2015, the series was revived as Tiny Titans: Return to the Tree House, a six-issue miniseries.

Tiny Titans stars alternate versions of DC Universe characters, primarily those from the Teen Titans series. It is set in a kid-friendly, elementary school environment. Issues typically consist of several individual stories as opposed to one cohesive storyline.

  • In this version Aqualad (Garth) is Aquaman's nephew and Aquababy's cousin.He lives with his uncle (Aquaman) who is responsible for him who put him in school.
  • Arthur Curry, Jr. (Aquababy) was taken to Metropolis by Bumblebee. While getting ice cream. he wandered off to the waterfront. He was visited by Steve the Seahorse, Jimmy the Mussel, Storm, Topo, and Tusky. He collapsed from exhaustion before be was found by 'Bee.
  • In this version Aqualad and Lagoon Boy have sisters who are basically female versions of them, Aquagirl and Lagoon Girl.
  • Black Manta discovered Lex Luthor's Secret Kryptonite Fortress and set out to confront him. Instead, Luthor recruited him into his Legion of Doom. When they came in conflict with the Justice League, Black Manta distracted Aquaman until Luthor revealed his secret weapon: Starro.