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King Thesily
Thesily 01
General Information
Real name: Thesily
First Appearance: Aquaman #1
(December, 1991)
Created by: Shaun Mclaughlin
Ken Hooper
Bob Dvorak
Affiliations: None
Abilities: Atlantean Biological Adaptation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Endurance
Master Swimmer

Thesily was the ruler of Atlantis following the reign of the late monarch, Pletus, who was killed during the Giant Jellyfish invasion.


Thesily had a great passion for the people of Atlantis, but his policies and ego often came into conflict with that of another former Atlantean monarch - Aquaman. Thesily's attempts at diplomacy were often misguided, and he all but blamed Aquaman for the devastation that struck the capital city of Poseidonis during the Oumland affair. In fact, it was actually King Thesily who attacked Oumland over a minor border dispute, which perpetuated the latter's attack against the undersea kingdom. As this flareup evolved into an international incident, Thesily appointed Minister F´ancha to serve as Atlantis' liaison to the United Nations.

A short time later, Thesily was present in the Atlantean Royal Palace when the entire continent began to slowly rise out of the sea. The ensuing quakes caused massive collateral damage and Thesily was killed when a piece of debris fell on top of him.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Atlantean Biological Adaptation
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Diplomacy: To the people under his rule, Thesily was a kind and compassionate leader. Only those closest to him knew of his egocentric behavior in relation to Aquaman.
  • Leadership: King Thesily made great strides in turning Atlantis into a world power. It was under his reign that Atlantis received representation at the United Nations.
  • Master Swimmer

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