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The Well was a private, training grotto owned by the Curry Family in Atlantis.[1]


The grotto was in use in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Atlantean monarchy, being a place for Aquaman to train Aqualad by running several programmed simulations. Much of the grotto was destroyed later by a unknown assailant whom deemed Jackson undeserving of his good fortune and legacy as the next Aquaman.[1]


Serving as a training facility, the training programs runs underwater using nanotechnology and a headpiece to orchestrate realistic depictions of the training program. Several programs exist, including a program, known as the "Apokolips Campaign" that depicts the trainer to fight against unsurmountable odds to defeat Darkseid's plan in the aftermath of a defeated Justice League and a "Trench Campaign". A user of the training program can also choose intensity.[1]


  • According to Aquaman, the Apokolips Campaign is Batman's favorite training program.[1]
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