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The War of the Quatix and the Bimphars is the thirty-second episode of the 1966 TV show Aquaman.


Aquaman and Aqualad are in training when they get a rare call from the surface world. Going above sea level, they are met by the Navy, who says that NASA has a mission for them. Both heroes wonder what this could be, when NASA explains that an extrasolar planet known as Q-344 has recently been discovered. Spectroscope analysis revealed that this is a rare ocean planet like Earth. Due to this, NASA believes Aqualad and Aquaman are ideal to explore the planet.

Rocketing to Q-344, the spaceship crashes and the duo gets separated. Aqualad gets captured by a group of red amphibians who are fighting a green fish race. Aquaman attempts to rescue his ward, but the amphibians get away. The fish men misconstrue this as Aquaman fighting their enemies, the Bhimpars, and come to his aid, revealing they are an undersea race called the Quatix.

Aqualad is taken to the planet's surface, where the only land consists of long, stringy islands. He is taken before the king of the Bhimpars, who explain they can live on land as well as water. Meanwhile, Aquaman is brought to the Quatix capital. When both heroes realize the war has become strung out and that is could be resolved, they must meet again. When they do, both sides realize this was a misunderstanding and end the war. They both help the heroes salvage their spaceship so they can make the return voyage to Earth.