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The Thirst
The Thirst
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Aquaman Vol 4 #5 (June, 2003)
Created by: Rick Veitch
Rob Leigh
Affiliations: None
Abilities: Absorption (Life)
Absorption (Water)
Size Alteration
Magic Immunity,
Portrayed by: None



Thirst is a golem and 'brother' of the deity known as Waterbearer,

For millennia Thirst absorbed the power of the Secret Sea, a metaphysical realm of the imagination consisting of shared humanity and prevented other deities claim it.

After Aquaman being rescued and healed by the Lady of the Lake, she consecrated guardian of the Secret Sea, the Thirst set his sights on the hero,in their first clash, Thirst not only tried to drain the waters of the planet, but also the mystic hand of Orin. In his final battle, Thirst possessed the Orin's body becoming a monstrous being, realizing that resistance was useless Aquaman gave its control to the Light of the Universe, which made the parasite to be destroyed.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Absorption (Life): The Thirst is able to absorb life energy leaving his victims as withered husks.
  • Necromancy: The Thirst is then able to mentally control the zombie like husks.
  • Absorption (Water): The Thirst is able to absorb moisture from all water sources, which gives him power and allows him to grow.
  • Size Alteration
  • Immortality
  • Mysticism Immunity: Being a creature of the secret sea leaves The Thirst unaffected by magic.


  • Swordsmanship



  • Sword
  • Mystic Chalice: The Thirst uses the chalice to remove the life force of an individual, to turn into a zombie which is controlled by him.


  • Even though his body is made ​​of mud, Thirst doesn't demonstrate the ability to Shapeshift or Bio-Fission.


  • Coming Soon

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