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The Rampaging Reptile-Men
Rampaging title
General Information
Directed by: Hal Sutherland
Written by: George Kashdan
Series: Aquaman
Episode: 2
Original Airdate: 1967
Previous Episode: ""Menace of the Black Manta""
Next Episode: ""The Return of Nepto""


At an Atlantean power station, Aqualad and Imp take some time out for recreation along with his trusted pet, Tusky the Walrus. After waving a greeting to a guard at the station, Aqualad witnesses a Reptile Man descend downward, striking the guard. The creature then produces electricity from its fingertips, which melts the door leading into the outpost. Aqualad scrambles to send off an emergency S.O.S. to Aquaman, but moments after doing so, he finds himself a victim of the Reptile Men. Aquaman receives the alert at the Aquacave, and realizes that Aqualad is in trouble. Mounting Storm, he takes off at full speed to rescue his young partner.

The Reptile Man, accompanied by more of his cohorts begins sabotaging all of the equipment at the station. Without power, Atlantis will be ripe for conquest. The leader of the Reptile Men notices Aquaman approaching and sets a trap for him. Aquaman races inside and frees Aqualad and two unconscious guards. One of the Reptile Men leaps out from behind a computer terminal and fires bolts of electricity at him. Aquaman dodges the blast, but the electricity melts the wall behind him. Water begins pouring into the outpost threatening to destroy the remaining electrical equipment. Aquaman uses his telepathy to summon a giant sea turtle to block up the hole.

Aquaman swims off to track down the rest of the Reptile Men. He finds a narrow tunnel that leads deep into the Earth's core. He eventually resurfaces at a massive subterranean cavern – the kingdom of the Reptile Men. The Reptile Men ensnare Aquaman with a steel net, and tie him up on dry land to die. They leave him to his fate and resume their plot to take over Atlantis.

Aqualad arrives and frees Aquaman. They notice that several of the Reptile Men are still around and a fight ensues. Aquaman summons every form of sea life he can imagine to fight the Reptile Men. He commands two giant whales to move boulders over the cavern tunnel, barricading the Reptile Men inside, preventing them from returning to Atlantis. Satisfied with a job well done, the two heroes return home.