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The Brain
Brain, the
General Information
Real name: Unknown
Portrayed by: Ted Knight
Appearances: Aquaman

The Brain is a genius-level villain bent on defeating Aquaman and destroying Atlantis.


The Brain once created a sonic brainwave device that blocked Aquaman's ability to control sea creatures. The Brain was also able to use the device to brainwash Aqualad. He gave the teen super strength and then ordered him to attack Aquaman. A strong bump to the head from Imp restored Aqualad to himself ("The Brain, the Brave and the Bold").

Sometime later, The Brain forged an uneasy alliance with Black Manta and Queen Vassa. Known as the Trio of Terror, he hoped their combined talents would be enough to defeat Aquaman and destroy Atlantis. The Brain captured Aquaman and held him in a water-filled glass coffin where he planned to crystallize all the salt in the water and entomb the hero forever. Fortunately, Aqualad came to the rescue, damaging The Brain's sub and allowing Aquaman to escape ("Trio of Terror").

In another attempt to take over Atlantis, The Brain contacted Reflecto on the planet Imago. The Brain convinced Reflecto that Aquaman was a danger to the Earth and asked for help. Reflecto sent Mirror-Man to help. The Brain tried to replace Aquaman with this evil duplicate so he could gain access to Atlantis. However, Mirror-Man was no match for Aquaman and Aqualad and The Brain's scheme was foiled ("The Mirror-Man from Planet Imago").