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Supreme One
Supreme One
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Aquaman #26 (April, 1966)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Affiliations: O.G.R.E.
Abilities: Energy Manipulation
Portrayed by: None

The Supreme One is a leader of O.G.R.E.


The Supreme One ordered Huntress and Typhoon to assassinate Aquaman and Mera who were undercover at the El Dorado Beach Resort. The pair fail in their first assassination attempt which would normally result in death, but the Supreme One gave them a final chance. Aquaman and Mera were attacked once again by the Huntress but she is defeated. She tells Aquaman and Mera about the explosives implanted within herself and Typhoon to ensure their loyalty to O.G.R.E., then the Supreme One surfaces in his crab-like submersible. Aquaman attacks so the Supreme One mounts a machine gun and begins to fire. Aquaman dodges but is confronted by Typhoon, who is easily defeated. Aquaman is then able to disable the explosives that are within the O.G.R.E. agents before the Supreme One can detonate them. Angered, the Supreme One gasses Aquaman, knocking him out.

The Supreme One keeps Aquaman hostage and returns to the ocean, sucking away the coral facade to reveal nuclear weaponry. He contacts some foreign parties who may be interested but his ship is hit by a torpedo and the foreign parties decide to take the weaponry rather than purchase it. Aquaman, Mera, Huntress, Typhoon and the US Navy apprehend the foreign parties and take them away but as Aquaman, Mera, Huntress and Typhoon return to shore, the Supreme One makes an announcement that he will destroy the entire island and hotel. Huntress quickly leads Aquaman to the Supreme One's lair where the group is fired upon by the Supreme One's machine gun. Mera uses some hard water constructs to restrain and batter the Supreme One. Once unconscious, his hood was removed to reveal that he was the manager of the resort.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Energy Manipulation
  • Master of Stealth
  • Enhanced Intellect

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