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Super-Speed is the ability to move at a rate of acceleration and maximum speed in excess to that of normal optimal human capacity. Many who possess super-speed interact with an interdimensional field of energy commonly referred to as the Speed Force. If an individual moves their body at speeds in excess to the speed of light, they physically interface with the Speed Force, oftentimes exiting their home reality and traveling throughout the time stream. Some individuals who possess this ability may be limited by certain atmospheric or geological conditions. Kryptonians for example, can obtain a version of super-speed so long as they are within the sphere of influence of a Yellow sun star system. Their ability to use this power is in direct proportion to the levels of ultraviolet radiation that their body cells absorb. Although Kryptonians can move at extreme rates of speed, they do not physically interact with the Speed Force. Others acquire super-speed through alternative means. A drug known as Velocity 9 has been known to grant normal human beings super-speed for limited periods of time.


Depending upon an individual's profciency with this power, they may also possess a number of other related abilities.


If an individual with super-speed moves at a rate of speed which is otherwise detrimental to the human form, they generate an invisible aura of energy that protects their body from friction and impact from smaller objects. In some cases, this field of energy can be extended to accommodate any material that the super-speedster may be carrying, including other people.

Enhanced Reflexes[]

A lesser application of super-speed, this ability enables a person to move individual parts of their body at their maximum rate of speed, independent from that of the rest of their body. Some individuals, such as Deathstroke possess enhanced reflexes, but do not possess a true super-speed ability.


Some speedsters such as the Flash, can move their body at super-speed on the molecular level causing their entire body to vibrate in place. This ability enables them to slip their molecules between the molecules of external matter allowing them to phase through solid objects.

Time Travel[]

This is almost always accomplished through interaction with the Speed Force, and is not always a reliable power. Unless the individual in question takes certain precautions, there is no way to navigate or gauge travel through the time stream using super-speed.