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Sub Diego
General Information
Official name: Sub Diego (previously San Diego)
Created by: Will Pfeifer
Patrick Gleason
First Appearance: Aquaman #15 (April, 2004)
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sun
Planet: Earth
Country: United States of America
State: California
Locale: The Pacific Ocean

Sub Diego is home to the second Aquagirl.


Sub Diego had an increase in population due to the influx of refugees from Atlantis, following the destruction of that city by the Spectre. The disposition of Sub Diego in the wake of Infinite Crisis, 52, and "One Year Later" is not yet fully known, although according to DC's own 52 website, the DC Universe's version of Comic-Con International has resumed operations, albeit with considerable technological assistance. More recently, during the World War III event a huge part of Sub Diego inhabitants found themselves unable to breathe water, and risking drowning. Aquaman, in a desperate gamble to save them, bargained with the sea gods the knowledge to control magic. Such power warped the Justice Leaguer into a deformed being, but left him able to raise Sub Diego back on dry land.

Apparently a yet to be defined portion of the city remains under the sea, as in Aquaman #50 Cal Durham is described as the still active Major of Sub Diego, and a small number of Sub Diego inhabitants, like Aquagirl herself, have retained her aquatic features.

Event Statistics[]

According to statistics published in Adventures of Superman, the death toll of the "Sub Diego" event currently stands at 13,700. This figure may be subject to revision based upon additional information and future editorial decisions by DC Comics staff and freelancers.

Affected Districts[]

According to published accounts from 2004 to 2006 in the pages of Aquaman', the regions, neighbourhoods and landmarks of old San Diego that are considered to now be part of "Sub Diego" include (but are not limited to):

  • the Gaslamp Quarter
  • the San Diego Zoo
  • the San Diego Convention Center
  • Coronado, including the U.S. Navy facilities thereon
  • Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego or SPAWAR

No map has yet been published to further clarify matters on this point, and to complicate furtherly matters an undisclosed part of the city was later returned to dry land.

It is notable that Sub Diego consists almost entirely of areas immediately affected by the International San Diego Comic-Con, considered the largest media-related convention in the western world.

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