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Stephen Shin
Stephen Shin
General Information
Real name: Stephen Shin
First Appearance: Aquaman #3 (November, 2011)
Created by: Geoff Johns
Affiliations: Tom Curry
Abilities: None
Portrayed by: Matthew Yang King(voice)
Randall Park

Stephen Shin was a scientist and friend of Tom Curry. He helped a young Aquaman develop his powers, but would later grow obsessed with finding out where the lost city of Atlantis was located.


Shortly after Aquaman and Mera's first encounter with the monsters of The Trench, Aquaman brings the body of one of the monsters to an old acquaintance of his, Stephen Shin. Before Aquaman talks with Shin again, he tells Mera that Shin was once an old friend of his father, Tom Curry, who brought a young Aquaman to Shin when the young boy started to develop his aquatic powers. Shin would help Aquaman master and control his powers. Shin would later turn on Aquaman, attempting to kill him after he didn't reveal the location of Atlantis. When Aquaman and Mera finally meet with Shin, the scientist helps the two identify where the monsters came from, saying that the findings could help him regain his lost credibility. Aquaman doesn't allow Shin to keep the body of the Trench monster, which causes Shin to try and bargain with Aquaman, saying he did the hero a favor and demanding to know where the location of Atlantis is. Aquaman leaves with Mera as he tells her that Shin could potentially be a very dangerous man, but right now is "just a sad one."


  • Technically, Stephen Shin first appears in Aquaman #2 in a photograph, his first physical appearance is in Aquaman #3.

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