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Kaltor and Starene
General Information
Real name: Starene
First Appearance: Aquaman #20 (April, 1965)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Affiliations: Kaltor
Abilities: Atlantean Physiology
Portrayed by: None

Starene was the daughter of Kaltor. Mera was afraid Starene was a rival for Aquaman's affections. Instead she was the first love interest to Aqualad.


Aquaman, Aqualad, Kaltor, and Starene depart to hunt for the creature. Unbeknownst to the quartet of adventurers, Mera also follows, spurred on by her jealousy over Starene's attentions to Aquaman. Kaltor splits off from the group to search the badlands. The creature attacks Mera, destroying her chariot, then dragging her away, deep into a labyrinthian series of caverns. Finding a conch horn, Mera blows a distress signal. Aquaman, Aqualad, and Starene, hearing the sound, investigate, and spy the creature burying Mera's chariot. They pursue the creature into the cave. Aqualad breaks off a stalactite, hurling it down on the creature. Aquaman lassos the stalactite, preventing it from impaling the creature. He then lassos one of the creature's heads, instructing Aqualad to similarly tie up the other head. Leashed, the creature flees deeper into the caverns. Aquaman feels the leash suddenly go slack. As he and Aqualad round the corner, they see the creature in the final stages of its transformation into Kaltor. Through a series of observations, Aquaman had already guessed the truth about the creature, which was the reason he stopped Aqualad from killing it. Kaltor explains that exposure to a strange gas, while rescuing Atlantean miners, was the cause of his affliction. As Kaltor begins to transform once again, this time permanently into the creature, he pleads with Aquaman to end his torment, and slay him.

The creature lashes out at Starene, as it darts down another cavern. Aqualad tends to Starene, as Aquaman summons eels to flood the caverns, seeking out both the creature and Mera. The eels lead them to Mera. Then, the creature attacks. Mera's cavern chamber is littered with treasure. Aquaman and Aqualad are able to procure weapons from the piles of lost currency. Aqualad harpoons one of the creatures heads, but, having swum too close to the leviathan, is snatched up in one it's great claws. Aquaman attacks with a sword, slashing away at the creature's other head, with greater and greater force, until the sword breaks. With the loss of his weapon, Aquaman ushers Mera and Starene deeper into the caverns, to momentarily escape the creature. Eventually the creature is slain and returns to Kaltor's form, the effect of the gas wearing off. As an Atlantean again, Kaltor is returned to Starene and the group return to Atlantis to celebrate the death of the two-headed creature.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Atlantean Physiology

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