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Sponge Man
General Information
Real name: Anton Miklos
First Appearance: Challengers of the Unknown Vol 1 #47 (December, 1965)
Created by: Bill Finger
Bob Brown
Affiliations: TBA
Abilities: Amphibian
Biological Adaptation
Omni Absorption
Size Alteration
Superhuman Durability
Superhuman Endurance
Superhuman Strength
Lower Swimmer
Portrayed by: None



Anton Miklos was a successful deep-sea sponge-diver, who won enough money to live comfortably in an apartment in Florida. One day swimming on the ocean bottom, he found a species of green sponge rock. When analyzing the sponge, Miklos accidentally cut himself, but he didn't think the injury was that serious, so he took the sponge home. Soon he felt intense pain throughout his body causing him to pass out. Upon waking the next day, Miklos had mutated into a spongy monster with powers of absorption. Knowing that the famous Challengers of the Unknown in the city were testing their equipment, Miklos went to meet them for help. Arriving at his apartment, the Challengers examined him and found that the sponge was actually a meteor, which caused Miklos to mutate due to the meteor's radiation.

Unbeknownst to them, Miklos' neighbor, Stacy, heard the entire conversation and when the group left, she told Miklos that she knew a famous doctor who could cure him, but it would be expensive.

Stacy's true intentions were to take his money, he realised and she left him alone troubled because people began to treat him like an outcast.

Became the Sponge Man[]

Later, upon returning to the city, the Challengers of the Unknown were surprised by Miklos, who had been manipulated by Stacy, to absorb all the sounds and colors, causing chaos throughout the city.

The Challengers tried to detain him, but withdrew their forces after Miklos overpowered them. Later the Sponge Man abandons his life as Miklos is going to the Sea where to start to live.


Months after the clash against the Challengers, Sponge man came to have a quiet life at sea and its fauna, which he became protector. Until the U.S. Navy began to build a submarine base called "Fortess Fish Hook",with the assistance of Sea Devils who helped dynamite the place. However, the dynamite not only cleared the area and killed some of the animals living there waking up the Sponge Man, who in a fit of rage attacks the whole military force and the Sea devils and later leaves behind.

After this event, the Sea Devils recognize the creature as the Challengers that had faced months earlier and decided to ask for help. The teams found the Sponge Man attacking a platform and down with an electric shock. The Sponge Man is captured and put in a prison of glass,so that it does not upset the Challengers call Lisa, Miklos' former neighbor to let it calm.

But of course, this was not the end of it. As soon as Miklos and Lisa were left alone, she let him out from his imprisonment. When the Challengers and the Sea Devils learned about the Sponge's escape,they realizing that Lisa was, in fact - a Scorpio agent. The heroes then attacked Scorpio's headquarters, defeating most of the criminals, but were nonetheless unable to prevent their launching of a missile filled with poisonous gas, in order to pollute the water.

However, the Sponge Man arrived on the scene, grown to gargantuan size after absorbing loads and loads of water. Believing that the missile was aimed at him, Miklos caught it and threw it back on the Scorpio HQ. The Challs and the Sea Devils avoided being crushed by it, but the poisonous gas had started leaking out, threatening the heroes, the villains, and the entire nearby town. Hesitantingly, the Sponge Man decided to absorb the gas and save the humans, but then, ironically he started to transform back to human himself. Then, finally completely human again, dived into a water tank to contain it. Miklos found peace in death, knowing that he had done the right thing.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Amphibian
  • Biological Adaptation: The Sponge Man would adapt some of the traits of what he absorbed.
  • Omni Absorption: The Sponge Man had the uncanny ability to absorb virtally anything into his body.
  • Size Alteration
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Superhuman Strength


  • Lower Swimmer

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