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General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Titans #5 (July, 1999)
Created by: Devin Grayson
Mark Buckingham
Affiliations: The Society
Abilities: Biological Adaptation
Fear Projection
Hand to Hand Combatant (Basic)
Master Swimmer



Her name is Siren. She is a minor Lwa, a vodoo spirit, from the guilf of Benin. Rumored to be born to a vodoo rada-lwa and a mortal man possessed by Gede. Siren is able to take the shape of a mermaid and hypnotize mortals with songs she learned in dozens of different languages. Primarily, she uses these powers to induce hydrophobia. Successfully keeping the land-dwellers away from the waters she guards. But a growing ambition in her leads her to fight the Teen Titans and join forces with Vandal Savage.

Teen Titans Villain[]

Siren appears as an ecoterrorist having begun a campaign that would prevent humans from going near the water. She sings her song while walking through the town of Four Heroes, Maine. Tempest, Argent and Damage of the Titans investigate the case and Tempest soon meets Siren. After a confrontation Siren tries to escape, but is frozen by Tempest. She finally escapes by making Damage free her from the ice and then making Argent and Damage afraid of the water so that Tempest would have to save them. Tempest later finds her in the shallows and manages to capture her by knocking her out. She is freed from her imprisonment by Vandal Savage who she repays by joining the team he is forming named Tartarus.

Joining in Tartarus[]

As a member of Tartarus, she assists in Vandal Savage's plan to attack the H.I.V.E., led by Adeline Wilson, Deathstroke's wife, on a floating island above Zandia. Siren tries to sing various heroes and members of H.I.V.E. into submission but is stopped by Jesse Quick though she later escapes with Vandal Savage.

Young Justice[]

Siren is the first line of defense that Young Justice encounters when invading Zandia. She tries to stop Lagoon Boy from crushing down on the coast with a tidal wave by hypnotizing him and promising to make him "from a boy to a man". She is stopped Jayna, one of the Wonder Twins.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Biological Adaptation
  • Amphibian
  • Hypnosis: Siren has the ability to hypnotize people with her songs
  • Fear Projection
  • Metamorphosis: Siren is able to turn her fish tail into a pair of legs, thus enabling her to walk on land.


  • Hand to Hand Combatant (Basic)
  • Master Swimmer
  • Multi-Lingual: She is able to speak English, Spanish, Greek, French, Suaíli, Arabic and possibly more.

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