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Hila, a.k.a Siren, is a shifter and the younger twin sister of Mera. An agent of Thule, she worked with the sorcerers of the extradimensional realm to take over Atlantis and kill it's king, Aquaman.[1][2]


Current continuity[]

Earlier history[]


Previous continuity[]

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Main article: Siren/Pre Crisis



As with all Atlanteans, she shares their basic physiological adaptation to the depths of the sea that grants Atlanteans superhuman speed, strength, reflexes, stamina, and durability as well as resistance to heat and energy and enhanced senses that gives the more acute hearing and can see deep in the ocean depth.[2]

Empowered through magic, Siren gained the power to manipulate water and create solid, hard water costructs as well as draw from other liquid sources such as blood.[2] As a shifter, she is capable of shape-shifting herself into others and is a master of illusion and deception.[1]


  • Unlike the previous continuity, her ability to control water originates from magic instead of the powers being manifested from her status as one of the Xebellian Royal Family.[2]
  • This version of Siren is the first to exhibit magical abilities. Eventually, her Super Hero Girls version would also exhibit outright magical abilities.


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