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This article contains information from the Prime Earth continuity, which is currently the primary official continuity of DC Comics.

The College of the Silent School (also known as simply the Silent School or School of Silence) is a adept Atlantean guild that specializes in the usage and instruction of arcane arts [1] and maintains a repository of enchantments, magicks, arcane weaponry, and magical artifacts.[2]


Earlier history[]

Long ago before Atlantis sunked, previous High Kings of Atlantis had barred the raw usage of the wellspring of Atlantean sorcery known as the "Abyssal Dark" behind a magical door. To protect it, the magisters of the Silent School were then tasked to prevent anyone from opening it and unleashing it's dark powers.[3]

Aquman: Underworld[]

Aquaman: Kingslayer[]

Aquaman/Suicide Squad: Sink Atlantis[]

Battle with Merlin[]


Within the Silent School, several rankings in the school exist.[4]

Loke and the High Adept Magisters

High Adept Magisters and the Master (Loke).

  • Magister: The general name for magicians from the Silent School.
  • High Adepts: Described as the magicians of profound abilities and are the elite of the school.[5]
  • Acolytes: Pupils of the Silent School.[6]
  • Magister Elders:Presumably Magisters on the seat of the Atlantean Royal Council.[4]
  • Master: The head magician of the school.[5]

Enchantments, items, & skills[]

List of members[]

Former members


  • According to Amanda Waller, the College of the Silent School is considered one of the most secure facilities on Earth.[7]


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