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Seal of Clarity
Seal of Clarity
General Information
Official name: Seal of Clarity
First Appearance: Aquaman #7 (March, 2012)
Type: Atlantean Relic
Used by: Kahina the Seer
Sky Alchesay

The Seal of Clarity is one of the seven Relics of Atlantis. The Seal of Clarity was one of the dead king's seven weapons, used by the Others.


Kahina the Seer was once in possession of the Seal of Clarity until she was travelling to find Ya'Wara to ask for help, but was killed by Black Manta, who took the Seal for himself.

After defeating Black Manta, the Seal of Clarity was recovered by The Others. It remained in the custody of the Operative until Kahina's spirit contacted Sky Alchesay, a novice shaman, telling her the Seal was hers to use. Once Sky proved to The Others that she spoke the truth, they left the relic under her protection.

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