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Sea Scamp
Sinister 05
General Information
Portrayed by: Ted Knight
Appearances: "The Sinister Sea Scamp"

The Sea Scamp is a genius and a trickster who dwells in Earth's oceans.


The Sea Scamp once created an "animator beam" with which he could alter plant life to become violent servants to his will. He did this with a patch of coral that became a Coral Monster. The animator beam could also animate inanimate objects such as rocks.

The Sea Scamp used this technology to try to destroy Aquaman and Aqualad but, with the help of many sea creatures, the Aquaduo was able to destroy the weapon and take the Sea Scamp prisoner. Aquaman intended to bring the Scamp to Atlantis where he hoped the genius would be able to put his genius to use creating things other than weapons.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Genius-Level Intelligence