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Sea Devils
Sea devils
General Information
Founder(s): Dane Dorrance
Leader(s): Dane Dorrance
Current Members: Judy Walton
Nicky Walton
Biff Bailey
Deep Blue
Former Members: Melinda Spyros
David Davies
Sigourney Amundsen
Henry Kucharski
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Windward Home

The Sea Devils were created by Robert Kanigher and Russ Heath, appearing first in Showcase #27 (July, 1960).



The group of underwater explorers known as the Sea Devils was formed by Dane Dorrance, Biff Bailey, Judy Walton (Dane's girlfriend), and Nicky Walton (the younger brother of Judy) with the aim of discovering ancient civilizations and treasures. In one of his first missions they were abducted, along with several other heroes known as Apellaxians by aliens and taken to a remote island in the Atlantic. When all the heroes came together and released, they had to hold a full-scale invasion of Apellax.

Crisis on Infinte Earths

The Demons of the Sea, along the Cave Carson, Challengers of the Unknown and Aquaman and defeated the horde of aliens underwater. The demons fought against foes such as Octopus Man, Mr. Neptune, The Human Tidal Wave, Manosaur, Man-Fish and aquatic monsters. In addition, the team helped the heroes during the Crisis on Infinite Earths and during the invasion of an alien alliance. In this invasion, the Demons of the Sea, together Doom Patrol, Aquaman, Aqualad and Atlantean army faced the army of alien race Gil'Dishpan the Arctic Circle.

Cry for Justice

The group appears to help Wally West and Jay Garrick defuse a bomb, planted by Prometheus to blow up an underwater city.

Final Crisis

Resurfaced recently as guardians of the Windward Home, which is managed by former Red Torpedo and the widow of Mark Merlin. Soon after an Aquaman helped analternate universe from the Ocean Master, during the attack Darkseid, whose event was known as Final Crisis.


In the alternate reality of Flashpoint, they are a paramilitary group based only on land and were seen hunting Booster Gold.



  • Scuba Diving Suits
  • Scuba Tanks
  • Scuba Masks
  • Flippers
  • Neptimus


  • The Sea Witch
  • Flying Fish


  • Harpoon guns

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