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General Information
Official name: Scorpion-Ship
First Appearance: Aquaman #37
(February, 1968)
Type: Submersible Vehicle
Used by: Scavenger

The Scorpion-Ship is the main transport for the villain, The Scavenger. It is in the shape of a scorpion and is able to fire very deadly lasers.


The Scorpion-Ship is a submersible vehicle utilized by the undersea pirate known as the Scavenger. The Scavenger used this vehicle to plunder the seas and excavate sunken ships. He also used the Scorpion-Ship to invade the kingdom of Atlantis and antagonize Aquaman into surrendering a device called a time-decelerator. Due to the machinations of Ocean Master, the Scorpion-Ship was seemingly destroyed, but the Scavenger returned to plague Aquaman a second time, this time armed with a fully repaired (or replaced) Scorpion-Ship.

In a later adventure, Aquaman managed to obstruct the Scorpion-Ship's path with a blockade of barnacles. Although the Scavenger dispersed the barnacles with the ship's electrified hull, the tactic still succeeded in wedging the ship between two sturdy stalagmites. The Scavenger's employer, Kobra, grew dis-satisfied with the Scavenger's inability to destroy Aquaman, so he had the ship destroyed, hoping that the explosion might claim Aquaman's life as well. Both Aquaman and the Scavenger survived the blast.


In addition to navigating through the ocean depths, the ship is also equipped with four, modular legs for traversing the ocean floor. The ship is also equipped with a "Retriever Beam", which uses a column of energy to pull cargo from sunken ships. In addition, the Scorpion-Ship can also generate a Force Field beam, ideal for catching prey. The exterior of the ship is extremely durable and can withstand massive blunt force attacks, such as a ramming bull whale. The ship can also coat itself with a sheathe of ice, which is ideal for warding off heat-seeking weapons.


The hull of the Scorpion-Ship is protected by an electrical grid that can be activated to ward off attackers. The Scorpion's tail also generates a blast of energy that is just as effective underwater as it is in the air. The bottom of the ship is equipped with jets which project freezing cold water. The most devastating weapon at the Scavenger's disposal is a device that can actually cause the sea to erode and rot away. The mechanics behind such an extraordinary device are unknown, but it is a part of the Scorpion-Ship's arsenal.

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