Scavenger DCnU
General Information
Real name: Peter Mortimer
First Appearance: Aquaman #37 (February, 1968)
Created by: Henry Boltinoff
Nick Cardy
Affiliations: Kobra
Abilities: Diving
Hand to Hand Combatant (Basic)
Skilled Swimmer
Skilled Engineer


Little is known about Peter Mortimer,except that he is obsessed with a device called a Time Decelerator, a machine built by an alien race thousands of years ago, who could grant immortality.

Peter searched for the device for years until he found a clue indicating that the device was buried in Atlantis. He traveled to Atlantis and in his search clashed with Aquaman. Believing that Aquaman knew the location of the device, Peter used his technology to poison the waters of the ocean to force Aquaman to search for the device.

Ocean Master found the device instead and shared its location with the Scavenger; the Scavenger then activated the Time Decelerator; rather than bestowing immortality, it actually regressed him in age until he ceased to exist. The Scavenger's essence remained in limbo for many years, but he eventually reconstituted himself to his correct size and age. Donning a new costume, he rebuilt his Scorpion Ship and allied himself with Kobra.

Henchman of Kobra

Kobra incubated Scavenger to locate the Bellerophon,a sunken submarine much-coveted, that brought him to a second confrontation with the Aquaman,that with the help of some crustaceans captured Scavenger. Kobra rescued the Scorpion-Ship and, angered by the failure of his lackey, destroyed it.


The Scavenger then resurfaces in the otherdimensional world of Skartaris, where he gains mystical powers, becoming the Scavenger of Souls and battling Travis Morgan, known as the Warlord. He apparently loses these mystical powers and returned to his own world sometime later.

In Aquaman volume 4 #13 (December 1992), the Scavenger is shown to have reformed, also becoming a friend of Aquaman's. However, the Scavenger's next appearance, in Hawkman volume 3 #15 (December 1994), retconned his redemption stating that Peter Mortimer was secretly part of a pedophile ring who videotaped his raping of young boys. Moreover, he now calls himself Barracuda and explains that he was the avatar of the barracuda, just as Hawkman is the avatar of the hawk. After attempting to kill both Aquaman and Hawkman, Hawkman kills him.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

During his stay in Skartaris so unknown gained the ability to control magic for various purposes.


  • Diving: The Scavenger is an expert diver.
  • Hand to Hand Combatant (Basic): Though he rarely engages in physical combat, the Scavenger is an able-bodied fighter and is proficient at fighting underwater and being able to compensate for changes in water pressure.
  • Skilled Swimmer
  • Skilled Enginneer


Former Equipment


  • Diving Suit:The suit allows him to resist the pressures of the deepest pit of the ocean andgives you the ability to breathe under water for long periods of time.


  • Energy Weapons


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