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Queen S'Ona
General Information
Real name: S'Ona
First Appearance: Aquaman #3
(February, 1992)
Created by: Shaun McLaughlin
Ken Hooper
Affiliations: Tritonis
Abilities: Tritonian Physiology

S'Ona was the Queen of Tritonis and wife to Iqula. S'ona is one of supporting characters in DC Comics Aquaman Comic Books. S'ona is a mermaid from Tritonis, a city in the undersea lost continent of Atlantis. S'ona first appeared in Aquaman #3 - The World Around Them and was created by Shaun McLaughlin and Ken Hooper.


S'ona is the queen of the merpeople in City of Tritonis. She must constantly keep her blonde hair covered by a veil for it is considered a curse by the merpeople known as the curse of Kordax. She is likely related in some way to Aquaman as she is a descendent of Kordax.

S'ona was merpeople of Tritonians, her cousin King Firtf was was the former king of the Merpeople but betrayed his people, and with Aquaman's help, S'ona and her Husband Iqula defeated King Firtf. S'ona became the queen.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Atlantean Biological Adaptation
  • Curse of Kordax

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