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Ronal YJ
General Information
Real name: Ronal
Appearances: Young Justice

Ronal is a student at the Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis. He is also a Purist.


Young Justice[]

In Young Justice #14: "Under the Surface...", Ronal joined some of his classmates to welcome Kaldur'ahm's friends, but as soon as he found himself "outnumbered" (as King Sha'ark called it), he left.

Ronal and his friends, Chian, Wyynde and M'Chiste, were planning to mark their classmates when King Sha'ark attacked him. Sha'ark and Lori Lemaris accused them of being purists. The fight was stopped by Aqualad, Garth and Tula, and each went their own way.

Ronal reported back to Ocean-Master, who was not disappointed their attack on their classmates failed, as they needed to operate in secrecy. Ronal and the others prepared for the next phase of the plan.

In Young Justice #15: "...Here There be Monsters", Ronal participated in the attack of the royal palace and the kidnapping of Queen Mera.

Ronal was one of many purists who ambushed Aqualad and his friends in the Old Roman's Trench. The tide turned when his fellow students from the Conservatory joined the fight. It took a spell from Ocean-Master to beat their opponents. Ronal had King Sha'ark at his mercy, but Topo saved him at the last moment.

After the ambush, Ronal made it back to Ocean-Master's hideout, and overheard him revealing his true plan to Mera. He did not want the purists to reclaim Poseidonis, he wanted to create a civil war. Ronal turned on his master, and with the help of his classmates, forced Ocean-Master to retreat.

For his bravery and decision to forsake the purists, Orin granted Ronal a full pardon. This did not sit well with King Sha'ark, though Topo and Lori Lemaris defended him.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Underwater Breathing
  • Magic


Young Justice[]

  • Young Justice #14: "Under the Surface..."
  • Young Justice #15: "...Here There be Monsters"

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