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General Information
Real name: Qwsp
First Appearance: Aquaman #1 (February, 1962)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Affiliations: 5th Dimension
Abilities: Not bound by third-dimensional laws, can perform nearly any feat using what either is or appears to be magic, essentially omnipotent
Portrayed by: None


Qwsp is a Fifth-Dimensional imp who befriends the aquatic hero Aquaman. Qwsp was for many years a valued ally of the undersea monarch. However, inspired by Aquaman's sudden change in appearance and outlook, Qwsp became a deadly threat, not only to Aquaman, but to the entire world. Qwsp manipulated another denizen of the Fifth Dimension, Lkz, into attacking the Third Dimension (the setting for most mainstream DC stories). His plot was foiled through the efforts of the Justice League of America, Captain Marvel, and several members of a then-inactive Justice Society of America. In the course of the battle, Lkz merged with Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt (a Fifth-Dimensional denizen named Yz) to form a new being, Ylzkz. A young teenager named Jakeem Williams gained control of Ylzkz, and eventually joined the Justice Society under the code name Jakeem Thunder.

Some time later, Jakeem and the Thunderbolt were overpowered in battle by a host-less Spectre and banished to the Fifth Dimension. Upon their arrival, Qwsp took possession of Jakeem's body, thus gaining control of the Thunderbolt and sparking a war within the Fifth Dimension. Although initially forced to obey Jakeem/Qwsp's orders, when Mister Terrific, Hourman and Stargirl fought alongside the Thunderbolt and his family in the attack, Terrific was able to convince the Thunderbolt to act against Jakeem, pointing out that he was already disobeying orders to kill them by simply throwing lightning bolts at them when he could just wipe them out of existence, and that just because something had always been that way in the past didn't mean it always had to be that way in the future. Thus encouraged, the Thunderbolt was able to drive Qwsp out of Jakeem, where he subsequently fell under the control of the sorcerer Saradin.

Powers and Abilities[]

Qwsp is a being from the 5th dimension and as such he can use his mastery of 5th dimensional science to shape reality in the earth dimension. Qwsp can manipulate time and matter with a thought and can impose new laws of physics just by thinking.


  • The character used to be known as Quisp.

Others Versions[]

In an issue of the DC Super Friends comic "Con Games", The Super Friends attended their fan convention that was the writers' allusion to real-life Comic-Con. Qwsp, Mister Mxyzptlk, Mopee and Bat-Mite appeared in the place and the four were described as being basically the same type of character. Mystic Dwarfs (actually they had a fifth character with them who looked like a Snow White dwarf), who are big fans of one of the Super Friends team members, and who felt at home in a place where everyone is a fan too). In the plot Mister Mxyzptlk induced Qwsp, Mopee and Bat-mite to do some things wrong on the spot because he was finding things too slow and boring.

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