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General Information
Real name: Quink
First Appearance: Aquaman #6 (December, 1962)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Affiliations: 5th Dimension
Abilities: Not bound by third-dimensional laws, can perform nearly any feat using what either is or appears to be magic, essentially omnipotent
Portrayed by: None

Quink is a water sprite and the identical twin brother of Quisp. He left the "secret sea" to hunt down Quirk, a criminal of his race. Due to a misunderstanding, he thought Aquaman was Quirk's accomplice.


Quink had learned Quirk was working with a human pirate. An encounter with friendly informer Captain Slade set him after Aquaman. Actually Slade was Quirk's accomplice and had found a way to work with a second water sprite.

Since Aquaman could not tell the friendly Quisp and hostile Quink apart, he spends much time in the story either confused or knocked out. The addition of the red-haired but also hostile Quirk did little to end his suffering.

Powers and Abilities[]

Quink is a being from the 5th dimension and as such he can use his mastery of 5th dimensional science to shape reality in the earth dimension. Quink can manipulate time and matter with a thought and can impose new laws of physics just by thinking.

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