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Professor Ivo
Professor Ivo-2
General Information
Real name: Anthony Ivo
First Appearance: Brave and the Bold #30 (July, 1960)
Created by: Gardner Fox
Mike Sekowsky
Affiliations: T.O. Morrow
The Society
Locus (Formely)
Abilities: Robotic Engineering
Genius Level Intellect
Portrayed by: Peter MacNicol (Voice)



During his childhood Anthony Ivo saw his mother die, it developed an irrational fear of death, it led to an obsessive search for immortality. As a young adult, Ivo studied cybernetics and created his masterpiece: the android Amazo. He used the android to capture the Justice League and steal their powers and memories, so that he could create an immortality serum. The Green Lantern is able to break free and absorbs the powers of the android and returns them to the other members, Ivo and Amazo are defeated. Ivo is sentenced to 500 years in prison and Amazo is turned off and placed in the trophy room.

Justice League: Year One[]

In the Year One story arc, it is shown that Ivo was hired by the criminal organization called Locus to dissect the Appelaxians to create weapons. Using the knowledge obtained from his research, he was able to create the Amazo.


During Legends, Ivo discovers an immortality serum. The serum works, but with a side effect, the skin becomes hard and scaly. Ivo blames the Justice League for his disfigurement and disappears, to ease his loneliness he creates duplicates of himself. Instead, the duplicates search for revenge against the team.

His duplicates attacked the League, in the midst of the battle Vibe was killed and Steel is seriously injured, being put into a coma. Steel is put on life support.


Sometime later it is shown that the disfigurement of Ivo was turning him into a living statue, it made him want to die. To stop the process, he creates the Amazoids who steal the powers of most powerful metahumans to kill him. The Justice League follows the Amazoids to the island where Ivo lives, but are defeated by the robot population, the Amazoids use their powers but they fail to kill him. Ice was trapped in Ivo's fortress and uses the Green Lantern ring to heal him and Ivo is forgiven for his crimes.

Tomorrow Woman[]

Again Ivo, drink the serum of immortality and partnered with T.O. Morrow to create the Tomorrow Woman to destroy the League members, Ivo built her body and Morrow her brain, hid inside the android is an EMP bomb to kill the whole team, but like the Red Tornado she rebelled against her creators and joined the team. But the bomb on her body was about to explode, so she sacrifices herself to save them, the Justice League holds Ivo and Morrow in prison. Although they worked well together, they fought constantly, often trading insults, and they feel resentment towards each other, yet they maintain a friendship.

Kid Amazo[]

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Tornado Path[]

Ivo is forced by an intelligent Solomon Grundy to build an Amazo body for him to live forever, but the body comes to believe that is the Red Tornado and goes in search of his family. The Justice League destroys the android. Meanwhile, Ivo used a teleporter and becomes undetectable even to the magicians.


After the Justice League destroyed the new version of Amazo, the team tried to deal with Vixen and Animal Man's new powers. Meanwhile Red Tornado asks Batman to find Ivo. Batman finds him in Dubai working for Alva Robotics, Tornado and Batman confront him, only to discover that he was a robotic impersonator.

At this point, Zatanna traces the real Ivo's location through the voice relayed to the impersonator and teleports Ivo to prison.

Salvation Run to Final Crisis[]

Ivo was sent to the planet Salvation along with the number of other supervillains, along with Lex Luthor and other scientists, he constructs a Boom Tube to escape.

Back on earth, he is invited by T.O. Morrow to be a member of The Society in exchange for healing his condition. The task of collecting soil samples at Auschwitz to be used in creation of Genocide, a new villain for Wonder Woman, is allotted to Ivo. Ivo brings his newest android Red Volcano as an aid. After Final Crisis, he was with the Cheetah's Secret Society of Super Villains.

Brightest Day[]

In Brightest Day, Professor Ivo was being mind controlled by Maxwell Lord, who made him build the OMAC Prime in an attempt to take command of Checkmate. Justice League International defeated OMAC Prime and Maxwell Lord escaped, leaving Ivo to take the OMAC's attack.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Immortality
  • Invunerability:This disfigurement renders his skin exceptionally resilient, and he is able to withstand energy attacks and bullets.


  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Robotic Engineering


  • Ivo's robotics duplicates


  • Amazo
  • Amazoids: The Amazoids are androids nicknamed Men in Black,with powers similar to the Amazo, he could be stealing a superpower each time.
  • Kid Amazo
  • Tomorrow Woman (Co Creator)
  • Red Volcano
  • OMAC Prime
  • Composite Superman

In other media[]

  • Ivo makes an appearance in the Justice League episode "Tabula Rasa". He was a scientist working at LexCorp, but was fired by Mercy Graves. Following a battle with the League, Luthor seeks him out, and discovers that Ivo (identified as "Arthur Ivo" and described as a medical doctor) has already died (dialogue implies this may have been the result of lung cancer). Instead, Luthor finds Amazo, who is waiting for Ivo to "come back".
  • Professor Ivo appears in DC Nation Shorts, voiced by Jason Marsden. He appears in a two-part short film featuring the superhero Vibe. In the first part, Vibe was winning a dance competition, but then the DJ said there's another guy to compete with him, and then someone very similar to Vibe came along. In the second part, this mysterious opponent showed that he has powers equal to his, Vibe distrusts and uses his power on the opponent, and discovers that the opponent is a robot. And then the DJ takes off his disguise and reveals to be Professor Ivo who tells that Vibe defeated Amazo and then decided to create this robot to face him. Despite this, the Vibe manages to destroy him, but Ivo manages to escape.

Young Justice[]

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