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General Information
Official name: Oumland
Created by: Shaun McLaughlin
First Appearance: Aquaman #1 (December, 1991)
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: Scandinavia
Locale: North Sea
Atlantic Ocean

Oumland is a sovereign nation located in the North Sea.


Oumland exists twelve miles away from a section of ocean ceded to the Atlanteans. Several years ago, Oumlandian naval vessels violated the twelve-mile restricted area, and Atlantean border patrols opened fire on them. This minor skirmish escalated into an international incident, the result of which was a retaliatory strike against Atlantis' capital city, Poseidonis Rather than seek redress with the United Nations, Oumland's Prime Minister, Stom, ordered six nuclear submarines to attack the Atlantean city. The bombardment succeeded in destroying the protective dome covering the city, killing dozens of Atlanteans. Atlantis' former ruler Aquaman, went to Oumland to negotiate a treaty and was met with heavily armed resistance. He eventually made his way to the Prime Minister's palace where upon he learned that it was Poseidonis who instigated the incident. He warned Minister Stom against taking further action against Poseidonis and to leave all of Atlantis alone.

Points of Interest[]

  • Prime Minister's Palace


  • Prime Minister Stom
  • Richards