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Orm's trident is one of the two signature mystical artifacts used by Ocean Master.[1]


The mystical artifact that would be known as "Orm's trident" was forged long ago by ancient Atlanteans from primal elements long before Atlantis sank.[3]


Orm's trident is capable of bestowing control over weather patterns[1] allowing a wielder to create several natural disasters such as hurricanes, lightning storms, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. The trident also allows for the wielder to conjure lightning from it strong enough to incapcitate other Atlanteans, demigods, and even Kryptonians.[4] A rarely used ability also allows a wielder the ability of magnetism, able to control metal.[2]


  • A side effect of it's usage is a stink in ozone and drops in air pressure.[3]
  • Lightning from the trident is discharge underwater as if it were on air.[2]


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