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Orm Ocean Master Render

Prince Orm briefly served as Ocean Master.

The Ocean Master is a title and authority similar to that of an emperor granted when an Atlantean noble gains support from at least four of the seven kingdoms of Atlantis, making them the commander of the armies. Prince Orm of Atlantis once plotted to attack the surface by gaining this title succeeded in earning support in Atlantis, Nereus for Xebel, Scales for the Fishermen, and usurping control of the Brine King's army after he surrenders them to him though did not pledge loyalty himself. Orm became Ocean Master briefly but was deposed after his defeat by his brother.[1]


  • The Ocean Master title differs from the comics; In both Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis, Ocean Master merely existed as a moniker Orm cultivated for himself. In the New 52 onward, Ocean Master was a monkier created by the United States press media much of the chargin of Orm.


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